The student experience at Rosseau Lake College goes far beyond academic learning. We’re not just a traditional boarding school—life at RLC is a unique experience.

In our boarding community, each residence is staffed by a Head of House, and teachers, who all serve as houseparents. Each house also has a Residential Don to offer evening support. All members of the residential duty team are there to provide support and guidance for the students in their care.

There are three gender-specific residences on campus. Caring and responsible houseparents (faculty members) live in each residence and are available 24/7. Students are paired with peers comparable in age with similar interests. When possible, international students are placed with students from different nationalities.

On the weekends, students are offered organized activities supervised by staff. Activities vary depending on the season, but each student is asked to participate in at least one event throughout the weekend.

We encourage students to develop loyal and lasting friendships, respect for one another, tolerance for others, independence and maturity.

“The best thing about living in the Bricks is the support of the Houseparents”
Terry Huang
Gr. 9, China
“The daily routine and structure makes it easy for me”
Jeremy Silver
Gr. 7, Toronto