Learning Success Program

Support for Students with Learning Differences

At RLC we believe all students are capable of learning. We understand the challenges that can come with learning, especially when attention does not adequately respond to individual learning preferences and differences. For students identified with a learning difference, we offer a Learning Success Program designed to achieve optimal levels of skill mastery in order to prepare them for post-secondary programs.

Our program takes a nurturing approach, concentrating on developing self-discipline, self-advocacy, organization, and autonomy. If necessary, extensive use of technology is used, including text-to-voice, and voice-to-text software. Overall, students are accommodated by learning strategies at the Gr. 9 and 10 level, and beyond this, a Managed Learning module is offered.


Level 1 Learning Strategies Courses

Cost $1250.00

Full year program GLE10 Grade 9 or GLE20 Grade 10 (Special Education). Students enrolled at this level have identified learning needs and have an Individual Education PlanĀ (IEP), or are in the process of being identified.

  • Daily class (very small class size) semester one only, in a quiet room
  • Text book provided for classroom work
  • A welcoming, encouraging environment to support student success
  • Emphasis on self-advocacy, learning strategies to develop stronger organizational skills, time management skills, note taking and study skills
  • Close monitoring and opportunity for one-on-one support
  • Accommodation implementation using IEP
  • Advocating for the student
  • Active collaboration with subject teachers and mentors
  • Active collaboration with parents
  • Course grade on each assessment report
  • Written comment on mid semester reports and final reports
  • Personal laptop with required educational technology already installed is recommended but not mandatory. Upon successful completion of this course, one open credit will be granted

Level 2 Managed Learning Module

Cost: $950/semester or $1850/year

Students enrolled at this level have identified learning needs and have an Individual Education PlanĀ (IEP).

This is for students not taking the course, but who need consistent extra guidance and support.

  • Scheduled 2 hours of 1:1/small group support weekly
  • Work with student in a quiet, encouraging environment, conducive to serious homework and study activities
  • Emphasis on self- advocacy, organizational support, study and time management skills
  • Proofreading
  • Accommodation implementation using IEP
  • Observing and gathering information
  • Implementing a plan to manage school experiences to maximize success and minimize failure (ISP)
  • Advocating for the student
  • Active collaboration with subject teachers, mentors, and house parents
  • Regular contact with parents