“Leaders inspire action by making themselves, and those around them, better”

At Rosseau Lake College we firmly believe everyone is capable of being a leader and has the capacity to develop and exhibit leadership skills – by doing so they make themselves and those around them better.

Focusing on process leadership gives opportunity for all students to participate in a leadership capacity. At RLC this is done by being a member of a leadership team.  Each team has a defined mandate, and at the beginning of the school year students choose their leadership team based on personal interest.

The development of leadership skills is cultivated by this embedded structure, allowing students within each group to test ideas, lead change initiatives, use systems thinking, communication, resilience and project management while attempt to fulfill their mandate. 

Taking a holistic approach and focusing on confidence, competence and character, each member of the community strives for their personal ‘leadership best’ which pervades all programs and activities offered at RLC.

This process culminates in the Prefect Program where students in Gr. 11 and 12 apply to lead leadership teams.

Prefect Program

Each leadership team at RLC is led by a Prefect who applies for a position of interest and is elected by peers. These roles provide students the opportunity to apply leadership skills and place into practice organizational and project management skills for the betterment of the community and student experience. 

Prefects devote their time to the specialized area of their choosing and concentrate on fulfilling the mandate of the team. The leadership positions are influential and require a close working relationship with all members of the RLC community.