Grade 10 Service Day

Jun 8, 2018

On Monday April 30th all of the Grade 10s came to school with their RLC outdoor gear on, ready and excited for Grade 10 Service Day. Prior to the day students chose which location they would like to gain experience at. They were set to travel around the Parry Sound area, volunteering their time and energy to help give back to Parry Sound, and learn about organizations they could volunteer with in the future.

As it is springtime, many of the organizations around town needed help cleaning up and getting ready for the summer programs. A group of nine students and Ms. Magee hit the town with garbage bags, gloves, and their cleaning expertise and cleaned up the garbage along the waterfront. Tim had a constant smile on his face while he worked; Julie and Ryan dutifully ensured that all garbage was picked up. Wesley carried all of the heavy bags for the group, and set to work on the task. Their hard work produced two full garbage bags, which were dropped off at the waste station.

Another group of students accompanied Ms. Freele to the YMCA to help with organizing bootcamp materials which the YMCA is going to use to help raise funds in the summer months. They also helped with cleaning up the outside area so that groups of youth are able to use the outdoor space.

Lastly, a group of five students and Ms. Bellissimo went to the Salvation Army. There they learned how to use a drill and a handsaw to make backings to the food bank shelves. This helped the food bank not lose any food from dropping behind the shelves. Tina, Colin and Kevin were excited to get their hands on the tools, and soon they became master builders. Chen checked measurements four times before cutting, to make sure that the board would fit perfectly! They also helped to sort and organize food.

After eating lunch they set off with their sights on a new organization to volunteer with. A group of students went with Ms. Magee to Serenity Seniors Residences. Avery was particularly excited to be working with the elderly. There the students fascinated the residents with magic tricks and played cards. They spent their time understanding what goes into elderly care.

A second group of students travelled with Ms. Freele to Friend of the Physically Handicapped. There they learned about the adult day program and spent some time with clients with dementia potting seedlings. Wesley and Ronan both enjoyed spending time with the clients, and they helped serve the afternoon snack. The students were busy chatting with residents, and the time slipped past quickly.

Lastly, Ms. Bellissimo took a group of students back to the YMCA to help with the last of the yard clean up. The students were diligent and they left no yard scrap unturned! Ryan and Julie took the lead of their peers, making sure that everything was picked up. Chris came up with some interesting trick shots to get all of the waste in the bags. Brandon, Colin and Chris all dared to pick up some of the smellier pieces of yard trash. The students picked up all of the yard waste, and left the YMCA looking pristine and ready to be enjoyed by the community in the summer months.

The students enjoyed their time off campus, learning the ins and outs of running a charity and not-for-profit organization for a local community. Some students were surprised at how many small tasks an organization has to do in order to effectively serve their community. Other students learned what it means to be a professional for caring for our elderly population. All students learned valuable lessons during the day, and they all collected some volunteer hours in the process.


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