Board of Directors

The Rosseau Lake College Board is an exceptional group of volunteers who provide leadership and assistance to the school by supplying sound strategic planning, direction and support to help RLC achieve its mission. The board is tasked with making policy, holding the school in trust and monitoring long-range financial activity.

The board acts at ‘arm’s length’ from the administration of the school, understanding the responsibility of the day to day function of the school rests with the Head of School. They generously give the gift of time and provide their unique expertise and resources to support the school.

Board members at Rosseau Lake College are nominated by either a Nominating Committee or the Executive Committee and then elected by members of the board. Generally speaking, board members have backgrounds in finance, contracting, law, risk management and fundraising.

The RLC Board is comprised of 1 Chair of the Board and 9 Directors:

Greg Swift ’88 – Chair
Joe AbiDaoud – Director
Mark Holbrook – Director
Christine Holmes – Director
Nancy MacDonald – Director
John Neretlis – Director
Lena Patten – Director
Shane Tabobondung – Director
Kayla Campagna ’10 – Director
Michael Hatton – Director

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