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RLC’s Global Campus Program describes how we will ensure that learning continues in the event of a weather-related, health-related, or other disruptive school closure. The objective is for the school to continue to provide an effective education for students. The Global Campus Program describes RLC’s approach to distance learning; the channels we will use for communication; the technology systems we will employ by grade; guidelines for how parents/guardians can support their children’s learning; and considerations tailored to make the best of challenging situations. This plan stems from the collaboration between the RLC faculty and staff and colleagues from other CAIS schools in Canada.

RLC deliberately uses the term Global Campus Program rather than technology-specific labels such as “virtual learning,” “e-learning,” or “online classes,” because we are uniquely positioned to continue offering rich programming, enhanced and celebrated through our tight-knit community worldwide. RLC’s goal is for students to read, communicate, and engage in authentic learning experiences, while continuing to be physically active.


As a school, we are excited to (however virtually) reconvene with a full return to our academic schedule next Wednesday, March 25, at 8:30am EST. Indeed, no matter the geographical location of each of us, school is on!

Full Academic Overview: Global Learning

Weekly Schedule

As you know there are multiple scenarios that could affect learning at RLC over the coming weeks and months. Unchanged, however, is our unwavering commitment to the support, learning and overall growth of each of our students in this personalized learning community. Indeed, we are uniquely positioned to continue offering rich programming, enhanced and celebrated through our tight-knit community.

Community Life

Guidelines for Parents

The transition to our Global Campus Program will be challenging for families. Parents will need to think differently about how to support their children; how to create structure and routines that allow their children to be successful; and how to monitor and support their children’s learning. Some students will thrive with our Global Campus Program, while others may struggle. The guidelines provided below are intended to help parents think about what they can do to help their children find success in a global learning environment.

See Guidelines

For questions about a specific course or assignment, contact the appropriate teacher.

For questions about a personal, academic or social concern, contact your student’s Mentor or Houseparent.

For other issues related to Global Campus Academics, contact Graham Vogt, Director of Academics: graham.vogt@rosseaulakecollege.com


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