Small Class Sizes Set Students Up for Success

Ask our students about their experience at Rosseau Lake College and one thing they’ll be sure to comment is on the small class sizes.

With some classes having as little as four students, we’re able to focus on giving students personalized learning experiences that reflect different learning styles and methods of thinking. In fact, here at RLC we have one faculty member for every 7 students. This gives teachers the time to build relationships with their students, develop mutual respect and work collaboratively to problem-solve. Our teachers understand how different students learn, approach challenges and respond to different tasks.

Our faculty does much more than just teach. They mentor, they advocate and they empower to bring out the best in each student. This environment allows students to develop their own personal brand and learn who they are. It goes beyond what they learn, and is also about how they learn so students can create effective strategies to face and overcome challenges, not just here at RLC, but in university and their lives beyond the classroom.

Once students’ learning styles are identified, teachers can help each one grow as much as possible, creating custom, individualized approaches to understand the learning and shape it in a way that makes sense. This is something that can only be accomplished through smaller class sizes—it gives faculty members the time and resources to focus on each student’s individual needs, and not teach towards a general common identity.

For students, that means having a greater grasp on the subject matter and being able to apply it in the real world. Honing in on and understanding a specific learning style is extremely important for students as they prepare for university, where lecture sizes may be in the hundreds and support isn’t as available.

It’s all about giving our students the tools needed to succeed at the next level and beyond.