Athletics & Arts

Rosseau Lake College’s balanced, supportive, and challenging co-curricular program provides opportunity for students to develop self-confidence, self-awareness and life skills that will serve them well beyond their years in high school.

Exercising both mind and body is very important for the overall development of young people.

Our Arts program is skills-based and focuses on the thrill of public performance, providing a real sense of the natural relationship between practice and improvement.

The priority of our Athletics program is to teach the value of active living, healthy competition, and the empowering nature of sportsmanship.

Athletics are compulsory for all students and run all year, but are segmented into three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Many students opt for varsity sports, but life sports for the less competitive are also available.

The Arts program is also compulsory and runs from November to April, and culminates in the Spring Arts Gala.

Arts Clubs:

Concert Band

Jam Band

String Band






Visual Arts

Fall Athletics:

Girls Varsity Field Hockey

Boys Varsity Soccer

Co-Ed Cross Country Running

Health and Fitness

Winter Athletics:

Sr. and Jr. Boys Varsity Basketball

Jr. and Sr. Girls Varsity Volleyball

Co-Ed Varsity Snowboarding

Nordic Skiing

Health & Fitness

Spring Athletics:

Girls Varsity Rugby

Boys Varsity Rugby

Co-Ed Varsity Ultimate

Co-Ed Varsity Rowing

Health & Fitness


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