Global Campus

Global Campus gives RLC the flexibility to address a range of circumstances—such as visa processing delays, travel restrictions, and pandemic protocols—that may arise during the 2022-23 academic year, ensuring students remain connected and engaged.

The Global Campus maintains our unwavering commitment to supporting the learning, overall growth and particular needs of each student in this personalized learning community. Indeed, we are uniquely positioned for rich programming that is enhanced and celebrated through our tight-knit community; a community with a clear bridge between the Rosseau and Global campuses. 

The Global Campus ensures daily synchronous participation in all courses, and consistent access to all teachers, mentors and classmates. It leverages technology, while understanding the requirement of a healthy balance against a purely online experience, ensuring that all students participate meaningfully within the campus community.  

Our Global Campus relies upon some key channels of communication, including those that were adopted to meet the requirements of the pandemic. These will be on hand moving forward to ensure dynamic and lasting learning experiences, clear communication, and the overall strength of our community. Teachers may use learning tools not listed on the chart, but these are the most essential:

Power School
PowerSchool is the primary venue through which both formal and informal academic reports are communicated. It is also where students can find their daily schedule and all essential contact information. Before the school year begins, our IT department will reach out to students and parents to set them up with their PowerSchool account.  

This will be our primary virtual space. As needed, students can join classrooms as well as community events, from morning assemblies to special events. It’s also the platform used to host our monthly Parent Town Hall meetings.   

Google G Suite
We are a Google School and so the Google Suite is an essential application for sharing and communicating learning. Before the school year begins, our IT department will reach out to each of our students to set them up with their own Rosseau Lake College Google account. 

Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp
We will rely upon these various forms of communication to stay inclose contact with our students and families, and to continue building and celebrating RLC community. Everyone is strongly encouraged to create accounts in each of these channels and remain connected to each other and all things RLC. 

Flipgrid is a social learning platform used by many teachers already at our school and highly familiar to most of our students. The platform uses a video board to create an asynchronous “web” of discussion between all members of a classroom.  

Another social learning platform used by RLC teachers and familiar to many of our students. Edpuzzle is an asynchronous tool that allows teachers to engage students with interactive, video lessons. Students will access Edpuzzle through direct invitation from their teachers.  

Email is a primary form of communication between all of our user groups.