Discovery Week

Discovery Week is a non-traditional, personalized learning week designed around student interests, learning needs, learning styles, and preferences.

The Discovery Week initiative is a continuation of our strategic goals, to give students voice and choice over their learning and develop greater self-reflection for their future.

The goal of Discovery Week is to create a rich inquiry and project-based learning framework in which both teachers and students can actively experience personalized learning, as well as giving more time for student interests and goals.

Why is Rosseau Lake College implementing Discovery Week?

Education is changing rapidly. This change has mainly occurred through advances in technology but also through educational research around the future learning needs of students. Stanford University has recently asked of its applicants to begin “declaring their mission, not their major”. Rosseau Lake College understands this shift towards personalization and has made student-centred learning a cornerstone of its mission.

Discovery Week is a way to increase engagement and achievement by linking longer projects to real-world experiences, driven by student questions and interests. In addition to regular academic days, Discovery Week helpa students develop the essential skills and critical and creative competencies necessary for success in the 21st century.

Although RLC has been focused on student-centred learning for a number of years, designing a day around the particular needs and goals of each student’s project not only enables greater opportunities for cross-curricular learning, but also fosters a whole-school approach to inquiry and collaboration. Discovery Week attracts innovative teachers and provide exciting opportunities for students to create new pathways towards developing a strong Personal Brand through a culture that is rich in discovery.