5 Reasons Muskoka is the Best Place to Learn

1. Explore Nature

Students at Rosseau Lake College have the unique opportunity to interact and explore a truly Canadian environment each and every day. Our backyard, right on Lake Rosseau, shapes how students learn and understand the world around them – whether it be through art, science, athletics or extracurricular activities. Studies show that green spaces around schools increase attention span and memory and that young people who spend time outside are more likely to protect the environment as adults.

2. Become Community Leaders

We understand the importance of being active leaders in and for our community, and our students are at the forefront of that community action. Rosseau Lake College students are able to participate in a wide range of projects that benefit the Muskoka community, and learn important leadership skills and network with important community figures through these initiatives.

3. Small, Tight-Knit Group

With small class sizes and a familial feel to the campus, students quickly find themselves in a close, tight-knit group with their peers. Students are able to forge lasting friendships with local and international students, and to express their thoughts and ideas in a welcoming environment. Rather than being just another number, our students can feel they can expand their world views.

4. Physical Fitness Outdoors

Through our sports and clubs programs, as well as our annual fall outtrips, students have the opportunity to try a number of fun and exciting outdoor sports and recreation initiatives. Whether it’s hiking, camping or kayaking, our students are able to get out of the gym and participate in a number of activities not offered at other schools.

5. Leadership and Growth

Given the location of our campus, Rosseau Lake College students are encouraged and motivated to become self-sufficient and develop important characteristics that will benefit them in their education, career and life. Our students are well-equipped to face the challenges of post-secondary education and working in the 21st century.

Getting away from urban environments encourages different perspectives on some of the most pressing issues in the world. Thinking outside the box starts by going outside.