4 Ways We Prepare Your Child for the Future

1. Breaking Through the Competition

It’s no secret that competition for Canada’s best post-secondary institutions has increased dramatically over the past few years. Our small class sizes and highly-trained faculty provide a world-class education that gives students the edge when applying to schools. In fact, 95% of our students received an offer from one of their top three schools, and over 70 post-secondary institutions sent letters of offer to Rosseau Lake students last spring alone. The varied educational experience at RLC can be just the thing to get into the country’s top post-secondary programs.

2. Uniting Theory and Practice

At Rosseau Lake College, our students receive hands-on experiences and learning opportunities to help them achieve a complete understanding of what they’re learning. Rather than simply reading a textbook or listening to a lecture, they get to apply theory in real-life situations, all while learning important skills.

3. Each Student Knows How They Learn Best

We’ve developed an innovative and unique program that increases student engagement and focuses the learning to benefit each individual. We don’t let our students become bored or disinterested in the classroom, instead bringing a personalized approach to teaching that keeps the curriculum interesting and fun.

4. Empowering Students

Here’s a simple fact: Upon graduation from high school, all students need to be prepared to break out and make it on their own. Whether their immediate future involves university, college or the workforce, they need to know how to be independent and excel in complex situations. Through participation in the leadership program and the famous Fall outtrips, we empower our students to learn from real-world experiences.

Learn more about Rosseau Lake College’s Future Forward program here.